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Aggregate Testing Equipments

ASEW-201 - Riffle Sample divider.
  • Slot width - 40mm
  • No. of slots -11

Complete with two pans and one scoop.
ASEW-202 - Mechanical Rotating Sample Divider :
Mechanical Rotating Sample Divider : IS : 1607
Consists of a trough, divided into sector, a hopper with adjustable diaphragm having six holes of 10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm and 1.6 mm diameter and a shutter. A rotating spreader connected to the drive motor through a reduction gear turns at approx. 440 r.p.m. to distribute the sample over the trough. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, Single Phase, A.C. supply.
ASEW-203 - Thickness Gauge: Constructed of heavy gauge
Thickness Gauge: Constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel with chromium plating as per IS: 2386 (Part- I), BS 812.

For determining flakiness index. Particle is flaky when its thickness (smallest dimension) is less than 0.6 of the mid-size of the sieve fraction. Gauge has seven labeled slots for rapid hand trying of particles from each of the seven sieve cuts. The mass of all flaky particles (passing appropriate slots) as percent of the sample is the flakiness index.
ASEW-204 - Length Gauge: IS: 2386 (Part-I), BS 812.
Constructed from steel, mounted on a hardwood base. For determining elongation index. Particle is elongated when its length (longest dimension) is more than 1.8 of the midsize of the sieve fraction. Aggregate to be classified is separated into seven sieve fractions from 63 to 6.3mm, and each fraction is examined separately. Six labeled openings between pairs of metal pins measure particle from each of the six sieve cuts below 50mm. The mass of all elongated particles (failing to pass between pins) as percent of the sample is the elongation index
ASEW-205 - Proportional Caliper Device
Use to determine the percentage of flat particles, elongated particles, or both flat & elongated particles in coarse aggregates. Steel construction for strength & durability, plated for corrosion resistance. 6" x 16" (152.4 x 406.4mm) base plate with four rubber feet for stability, and for convenience in tabletop testing. Ratio desired is obtained by selecting one of four adjustable positions: 2 = l:2; 3 = 1:3; 4 = 1:4; or 5 = 1:5. It is recommended that the desired procedure be reviewed carefully prior to conducting the test.
ASEW-206 - Density Basket, 20 cm dia x 20 cm
Density Basket, 20 cm dia x 20 cm high fitted with galvanized wire mesh with handle. IS : 2386 (Part - III).
ASEW-207 - Cylindrical Metal Measures: IS: 2386 (Part-III).
Made of Heavy-gauge, seam-welded, water-tight, steel unit weight measures with bail handles. Can be used for concrete or aggregate. 3 L, 15 L & 30 litre. Complete with tamping rod.

ASEW-207.1 - 3 litre - 15 cms - 17 cms - 3.15 mm
ASEW-207.2 - 15 ltr. - 25 cms - 30 cms - 4.00 mm
ASEW-207.3 - 30 ltr. - 35 cms - 31 cms - 5.00 mm
ASEW-207.4 - Metal Measure 10 ltrs cap IS1199
ASEW-207.5 - Metal Measure 20 ltrs cap IS1199
ASEW-208 - Pycnometer of about 1 Kg capacity
Pycnometer of about 1 Kg capacity fitted with cone, locking ring with rubber seal as per IS:2386 (Part-III).

ASEW-208A - Density Bottles. Supplied complete with capillary vent stopper, confirms to BS 733. cap. 25ml, 50 ml & 100 ml.
ASEW-209 - Sand absorption cone and tamper :
Sand absorption cone and tamper :Consists of a conical metal mould and a metal tamping rod having circular tamping face 25 mm dia as per ASTM C 128, AASHO. T 84
ASEW-210 - Hydraulic Jack, Hand operated:
Hydraulic Jack, Hand operated: Remote control type.
Hydraulic jacks are of multipurpose utility i.e. application of loads while engaged in field investigation, determination of load carrying capacity of piles in the field, tensioning of wires in pre-cast structures, loading of members of any structure for deformation characteristics etc. The Jacks are supplied complete with manually operated pumping units fitted with Bourdon tube type Hydraulic pressure gauge and a copper connecting tube or rubber flexible hose pipe. Lift of the ram - 150 mm Pressure gauge - MASTA/WIKA (Pressure gauge have normally 200 divisions for fully capacity, e.g. 100 tonne x 500 kg division).

ASEW-210.1 - 10 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-210.2 - 20 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-210.3 - 25 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-210.4 - 50 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-210.5 - 100 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211 - Hydraulic Jacks, Bottle TYPE.
Hydraulic Lifting Jacks-Complete with integral Pumping unit. Release valve provided on the base plate. Complete with operating handle. Hydraulic lift - 150 mm and Extension Screw - 150 mm.
All Jacks are without pressure gauge.

ASEW-211.1 - 5 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.2 - 10 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.3 - 20 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.4 - 25 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.5 - 30 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.6 - 50 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.7 - 100 Tonne Capacity
ASEW-211.8 - Accessories: Hydraulic Pressure Gauge