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Cement Testing Equirpments

ASEW-145 - Length Comparator: IS: 3985.
It measure length changes of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete prismatic specimens. Indicators are mounted on a sturdy upright support attached to a solid base. All units Include stationary and movable anvils designed gauge studs, which are cast into test specimens and an invar reference bar.

Comparators for 10" (254mm) effective length samples with indicator . Measures inches and millimeters includes batteries and AC adapter. Unit can be zeroed at any point on the range and can be switched from inches to mm by pressing a button. Includes stationary and movable anvils designed to fit the gauge studs that are cast on test specimens and an invar reference bar. Unit accommodates test specimens up to 4 x 4" (102 x 102mm) cross section.

Consists of a frame with adjustable cross plate and a recessed seating and a stainless steel reference bar with 6 mm dia balls mounted at the ends
ASEW-146 - Cement Autoclave for a high pressure
Cement Autoclave for a high pressure steam as per IS: 4031, ASTM C151, AASHTO T107 with Digital temperature Controller.
Uses accelerated means of estimating delayed expansion of Portland cement caused by hydration of CaO and MgO. Test bars are exposed to controlled steam pressure and corresponding constant temperature. Unit produces 60-350 psi (0.4-2.4MPa) range of as pressures and consists of steam vessel, pressure regulator, pressure gauge (0-600 psi x 5 psi), air vent valve, power switches and safety pop valve set at 350psi. includes Digital temperature controller cum indicator, wrench and gasket. Consists of a stainless steel cylinder with an insulated cover. Mounted on a sturdy supporting frame, enclosed in a heat insulating metal housing. . Inside chamber size; 15 cms dia x 60 cm height.

ASEW-146 A - Laboratory Cement Autoclave, with Electronic Digital Readout for Pressure & temperature.
ASEW-147 - Gauging Trowel fitted with wooden Handle.
ASEW-148 - Shrinkage bar mould, IS: 10086,
Shrinkage bar mould, IS: 10086, IS: 4031,BS 1377.with base plate & two reference points.
ASEW-149 - Shrinkage bar mould with two mould
Shrinkage bar mould with two mould compartment on a single base

ASEW-149A - Shrinkage Bar mould with three compartment in a single base.

ASEW-149B - Shrinkage bar mould with four mould compartment.
ASEW-150 - Calorimeter : IS 4031, BS 4550,
Calorimeter : IS 4031, BS 4550, ASTM C 186 for heat of hydration of cement.

Consists of a open mouthed thermos flask , backmen thermometer, insulating material, container, hinge, stirring motor, thermometer support, glass stirring rod, cork stopper, reading lens & glass funnel.
VIBRATING MACHINE (MORTAR CUBE VIBRATION): IS:10080, BS 4550. with Digital timer & 1 HP Motor.

Consists of a frame mounted on coil springs to carry the cube mould, and a revolving shaft provided with an eccentric. By means of a balance weight beneath the base plate attached rigidly to the frame, the center of gravity of the whole machine, including the cube and mould, is brought either to the eccentric shaft, or within a distance 25mm below it. Normal running speed of eccentric shaft is 12,000+/-400RPM. Fitted with BELT GUARD. The motor and a crowned pully on the vibration machine. Supplied complete with one cube mould 7.06 cms with base plate. Suitable for operation on 230 V, single phase, 50 cycle, A.C. supply Complete with timer.

ASEW-151A - Vibrating machine with Digital timer & Digital RPM meter.

ASEW-151B - Pocking rod. Spares:
  • Belt
  • Set of Springs
  • Belt guard
  • Cube Mould, steel 7.06 cms with base plate
  • Time switch 0-5 minute
ASEW -152 - Mortar Mixer (Mixing Apparatus) :
Mortar Mixer (Mixing Apparatus) : IS : 4031; IS : 10890,BS 3892.

It is used for mixing cement pastes, mortar and pozzolanas. The mixer consists of an epicyclic type stainless steel paddle imparting both planetary and revolving motion. Mixer have two speeds.
  • Mixer Blade Rev/min: Low speed 140 + - 5
    Medium speed 285 + -10
  • Planetary movement 62+-5 rev/min : 125+-10

Stainless steel Bowl fitted with handle. It shall be provided with a lid made of non-absorbing material and not attacked by cement, masonry cement, cement Pozzolana mixture or lime Pozzolana mixture.

Scraper-The scraper consists of a semi-rigid rubber blade attached to a handle about 150 mm long. The blade about 75 mm long, 50mm wide and tapered to a thin edge.

Suitable for operation on 230volts, single phase, 50 cycle, A.C. supply
ASEW-153 - Jolting apparatus : IS: 4031,IS10078, BS 3892.
The jolting apparatus consists of a rectangular table rigidly connected by two support arms to a spindle at horizontal distance of 800 mm from the center of the table. The table can be raised and allowed to fall freely by a com stroke counter fitted with micro-switch is provided which stops the machine after 60 jolts. Locating pins are provided for mounting the mould compartment on the table. The mould surrounded by the hopper can be clamped rigidly to the table. Supplied complete with mould and hopper. Operation on 230V, single phase, 50 cycle, A.C. supply.
ASEW-154 - Le-chatelier mould complete with two glass
Le-chatelier mould complete with two glass plate and one lead weight IS: 4031, IS:5514, BS : 6463-44..

ASEW-154A - Le-Chatelier Flask for Specific Gravity test IS : 4031. Made of Borosil glass.

ASEW-154B - Le-Chatelier Water Bath with rack for holding Moulds. Fitted with Thermostat.
ASEW-155 - Water Retention Test IS : 4031
ASEW-156 - Cement Spatula : IS : 269;
Cement Spatula : IS : 269; BS:12 for the preparation of tensile Specimens
ASEW-157 - Gauging Trowel : IS : 4031;
Gauging Trowel : IS : 4031; BS: 12 fitted with wooden handle.
ASEW-158 - L BOX
Method used to determine flow rates and passibility of SCC in confined spaces. Test box is comprised of concrete reservoir, slide gate, three obstacles and test basin. Includes metal strike-off bar.
ASEW-159 - U Box
To evaluate the filling speed and height of the concrete sample under its own self-weight, in the U-shape filling box, to determine the self-compactability.The test is performed with highly fluidised fresh concrete with superplasticiser. Applicable to concrete with aggregates of 25 mm max. size.
ASEW-160 - V Funnel
Steel construction with 10L capacity. Upper edge is smooth and reinforced and the outflow orifice is equipped with seal valve. Includes polyethylene box to collect discharge and 900mm long straight edge to level concrete before test.
ASEW-161 - J Ring
Provides a method to measure the distance of lateral flow of Self Consolidating Concrete. Designed for durability, the set includes a slump cone, J-Ring with smooth rods, and steel base plate with engraved rings to measure flow distance. Complies with ASTM standards C1611-09, C1621/1621M-06.
ASEW-162 - Flow Table
Flow table is used to determine the flow of fresh mixed super plasticized concrete to high working. The slump cone is placed centrally on the table of to be held position by standing on the two foot pieces. A wooden tamping bar is provided for lightly tamping for each layer.
ASEW-163 - Flexure Testing Machine 400 kg
Flexure Testing Machine 400 kg Electrically operated complete with flexture attachment. Proving Ring of 400 Kgs cap. Operation on 230 V single phase 50 cycles AC Supply