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Soil Testing Equipments

We are offering Soil Testing Equipment, which is supplied with stainless steel penetration test cone 35 mm long with smooth polished surface and an angle of 30 deg. It has a facility for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen and ensures trouble free operations.
ASEW-001 - Liquid Limit Device
Liquid Limit Device with Counter & tools, IS: 2720 (P-V), IS: 9259; BS: 1377 ASTM D4318: AASHTO T89.
Consists of a hard rubber base carrying a sliding carriage assembly to which a brass cup is hinged. The cup is raised & drop a height of 10 mm on to the hard rubber base, The height of drop of the cup may be adjusted by the help of a lead screw provided at the back of the sliding carriage. Complete with Casagrande grooving tool, ASTM grooving tool & Gauge block.
ASEW-001.1 :- Spares: Grooving tool type A / (ASTM)
ASEW-001.2 :- Spares: Grooving tool, type B / AASHTO
ASEW-001.3 :- Spares: Gauge Block.
ASEW-001.3 :- Spares: Counter
ASEW-002 - Liquid limit
Liquid limit, Motorised cum hand with counter & tools.
As per IS: 9259-1979, ASTM D4318; AASHTO T89, T90. Motorized liquid limit machine gives uniform testing with greater degree of accuracy. Unit is comprised of ASTM liquid limit machine with geared motor to give proper operating speed and automatic counter. Machine is attached to metal plate with rubber feet. Includes grooving tool and gauge block.
ASEW-003 - Cone Penetrometer
Cone Penetrometer Hand, Small, IS: 2720 (P-v)
Determination of liquid Limit simply & quickly. The unit is supplied complete with stainless steel penetration test cone 35mm long with smooth polished surface and an angle of 30 deg.. Facility exists for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen. Complete with Penetration cup brass. Scale type.
ASEW-004 - Cone Penetrometer for Soil
Cone Penetrometer for Soil, IS: 11196-1985, IS: 2720 (P-v) BS:1377 Automatic (Universal Penetrometer). Dial type electrically complete with Digital Automatic timer, weights 50 & 100 gm. Cone & Penetration cup.
The method is more satisfactory than the casagrande method as it is essentially a static test depending on the soil shear strength. The test is based on the relationship between moisture content and the penetration of a cone into the soil sample under controlled condition. Dial Indicator 150 mm diameter graduated 400 x 0.1 mm division . Height adjustment Rapid using integral clamping mechanism Cone release Manually. Stainless steel Penetration test cone x 30 deg, 35 mm long, Base Cast Aluminium with adjustable leveling feet.
ASEW-005 - Plastic Limit Apparatus
Plastic limit apparatus, IS: 2720 (P-V), BS: 1377, ASTM D 4318, AASHTO T 90.
Consists of: Porcelain Evaporating dish 12-15 cm dia, Flat glass plate about 200 mm square, Spatula flexible, with blade about 10 cm long & 2 cm wide stainless steel with wooden handle, Palette knife 15-20 cm long & 2 cm wide.
ASEW-006 - Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Shrinkage Limit apparatus, IS: 2720 (P-iv); IS: 10077, BS:1377, AASHTO T-92, ASTM D 427
Consists of Porcelain evaporating dish, shrinkage dish, glass cup, Perspex Prong plate with three metal prongs, Perspex plain plate, spatula stainless steel with wooden handle, Glass cylinder 25 ml graduated, straight edge.
ASEW-006.1 :- Accessories: Mercury 500 gram
ASEW-006 A - Pycnometer
Pycnometer 1 kg glass jar with brass cone, locking ring & rubber seal for determining specific gravity of fine aggregate. Complies with ASTM C128.
ASEW-007 - High speed stirrer
High speed stirrer with baffle, glass & speed control regulator. 220V, 1 PH, AC.
IS:2720 (Part iv) ASTM D422, AASHTO T88
For dispersing soil suspensions used in hydrometer method of testing subgrade soils, heavy-duty mixer operates at a speed above 10,000 RPM (no load). Includes stirring apparatus with stainless steel paddle and chrome-plated dispersion cup with set of permanent interior baffle. Rounded cup bottom prevents soil accumulation. Furnished with cord and plug.
ASEW-007.1 :- Spares : Brass cup with Baffle chromium plated
ASEW-007 A - Soil Hydrometer
Seamless, symmetrical stem and bulb do not vary in diameter. One-piece ballast is secured to lower part of the body. Guaranteed calibration accuracy eliminates errors due to variable dilution. ASTM 152 H scale, graduated to read in grams per liter (g/L) of suspension and has a range of -5 to +60g/L in 1g/L divisions at 68°F (20°C). Total length: 11" (280mm). Complies with ASTM D422; AASHTO T88.
ASEW-007 B - Hydrometer Jar
Graduated glass cylinder used in determining amount of soil in dispersed suspensions contains 1000ml at 20°C (68°F). Open end is fire-polished without pour out. Dimensions: 18" (457mm) x 2-1/2" OD (64mm). Base is 4-1/3" (107mm).
ASEW-008 - Sieve Shaker
Sieve shaker, hand for 200 mm dia accepts 8 Sieves at a time while shaking.
This test method determines the particle size distribution of fine and coarse aggregates by sieving. Refer to ASTM C136. The sieve shaker consists basically of a cradle for holding the sieves, a power unit and a base. The cradle consists of a platform fastened to the lower ends of two vertical support rods. The upper ends of which are shock mounted to a horizontal support that are free to pivot about its mounting. A sieve holder, a retaining ring and nuts on the vertical support rods hold the top bar firmly against the nest of sieves
ASEW-009 - Sieve shaker, hand for 300 mm & 200 mm dia
ASEW-010 - Sieve shaker, hand for 450 mm dia
ASEW-011 - Sieve shaker electrically
Sieve shaker electrically for 200 mm dia with Digital timer 0-99 min. Motorized Sieve Shaker :
To make the process of Sieving Easier and quicker, electrically operated mechanical Sieve Shakers are offered for dry sieving. The mechanical Sieve Shakers effect a more elaborate and standardized Sieving action to produce accurate results and eliminate personal errors involved in manual Sieving. On the basis of experience gained in the manufacture of these Sieve Shakers for more than 35 Years considerable improvement has been made in design & performance of these units. These Sieve Shakers are popularly used not only in soil laboratories but also in number of industries where sieving is required, such as for ores, refractory materials, minor aggregates, pigments, powdered coal, soap, cement, roofing material, plastic Moulding powders & pharmaceuticals. A Digital timer adjustable from 0-99 minutes is incorporated as an integral part of equipment.
The Sieve Shaker can carry upto 8 Sieves. It is driven by a 1/4 H.P. Motor The Sieve table is inclined from the vertical axis & the direction of inclination changes progressively in the clockwise direction. In the addition to the gyratory motion of the table, there is tapping motion as well. Operating on 220 V single phase AC.
ASEW-012 - Sieve shaker electrically
Sieve shaker electrically for 200 mm dia & 300 mm dia sieves with digital timer 0-60 minutes.
ASEW-012.1 - Accessories : Adaptor for 300 mm dia
ASEW-013 - Sieve Shaker electrically
Sieve shaker electrically for 200 , 300 and 450 mm dia which complies with ASTM C136 Standards, the ASEW Motorized Sieve Shaker can be used with 8", 12" and 18" sieves. 1/2 HP motor handles up to (11) 8" sieves, (9) 12" and (7) 18" full-height sieves, 220V, 60Hz with 999 Sec/minute digital timer. Mounting is required. ASTM C136.