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Bitumen Testing Instrument

ASEW212 - Flow Cup Viscometer as per
Flow Cup Viscometer as per IS : 3944.
Made of gunmetal and the orifice is made from stainless steel. A protective skirt is provided at the bottom of the cup to minimize the risk of damage to the orifice.
  • Flow cup No.2
  • Flow cup No.3
  • Flow cup No.4
  • Flow cup No.5 or 6

ASEW-212.1 - Accessories: a. Stand with leveling screws.
ASEW-213 - Bitumen Sampler
Bitumen Sampler - A strong metal vessel of about half litre capacity, the handle of which shall be attached by a means not adversely affected by hot bitumen. IS: 1201.
ASEW-214 - Sampling Thief or Tube made of metal.
Sampling Thief or Tube made of metal. Tube suitable for sampling 200 Ltrs. Drum. The rings are soldered to opposite sides o the tube at the upper end for convenience in holding it.
ASEW-215 - Bitumen Penetrometer IS: 1203,
Bitumen Penetrometer IS: 1203, BS 2000-49, ASTM D5, AASHTO T49. HAND.
Consist of Vertical Pillar mounted on a base provided with leveling screws. The head, together with dial plunder rod and cone (or needle) slides on a pillar and can be clamped at any desired height. A rack and pinion & pointer assembly provides fine adjustment of needle or cone tip to sample. It incorporates a slipping clutch mechanism which makes reading of penetration, and subsequent resetting a simple and accurate operation. The dial is graduated in 400 1/10th mm sub-divisions, and the red needle pointer against black figures makes for easy reading. Supplied complete with one 50 gram weight, one 100 gram weight and one Needle.
ASEW-216 - Automatic Bitumen Penetrometer Electrically
Automatic Bitumen Penetrometer Electrically Operated with Automatic digital timer, Penetration needle, 2 cups, weights 50 & 100 gms. As per IS: 1203.

ASEW-216.1 - Accessories: Penetrometer Cone: Made of gunmetal and is fitted with a hardened and ground detachable steel tip and a stem. Total moving weight is 150 + 0.01 gram.

ASEW-216.2 - Bitumen Penetration Kit: Consists of Penetration Needle, Transfer dish and set of sample containers.
ASEW-217 - Softening Point apparatus (Ring & Ball),
Softening Point apparatus (Ring & Ball), IS: 1205, BS 2000-58, ASTM D36,AASHTO T53.
Used for the determination of the softening point of bitumen.
Consists of: Two steel balls; each 9.5 mm in dia.
Brass rings - Two; tapered of brass.
Ball Guide - Two
Ring Holder - One
Bath - Beaker of heat resistant glass, I.D. 8.5 cms and depth 12 cms approx.
ASEW-218 - Softening Point apparatus
Softening Point apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus), electrically heating.
Similar to ASEW-217, but supplied with a heating plate with an energy regulator which permits fine regulation of temperature. In addition, there is an electrically operated Stirrer mounted on a stand with chuck and glass rod or aluminum rod and for stirring the water in the water bath. Operation on 230 V, single phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.
Mould-3 Nos. Made of brass/gunmetal mounted on a base plate. Each mould has two end clips, two sides with knurled screws and side support for proper assembly on the base plate. One spare mould with base plate for casting the specimen is also supplied.

Mould-3 Nos. Made of brass/gunmetal mounted on a base plate. Each mould has two end clips, two sides with knurled screws and side support for proper assembly on the base plate. One spare mould with base plate for casting the specimen is also supplied. Water Bath Thermostatic controlled A bath maintained with +- 0.1 deg C of the specified test temperature, containing not less than 10 ; liters of water, the specimen being immersed to a depth of not less than 100 mm and supported on a perforated shelf not less than 50 mm from the bottom of the bath.

Testing Machine - The machine has two rate of travel, namely 5 cms per minute and 1 cm per minute. A clutch arrangement is provided by which the movement of the movable bracket can be arrested or restarted without switching off the motor. A scale on the top edge of the bath makes it easy for the operator to observe the progress of the test. Machine accommodates three individual specimens. A quick release mechanism permits the operator to move the carriage to any desired position on the track. An automatic cut off prevents over runs. Immersion heater also provided.

A three wire cord with plug is furnished with the bath. The control panel is recessed. Controls consists of a temperature, an on-off line switch which controls all power to the bath, and pilot light which indicates when the heater are energized. Operation on 230 volts, single phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.

ASEW-219.1 - Spares: Ductility Mould with base plate made of gunmetal.


With Digital temperature controller , display & cooling arrangement . This Refrigerated Ductility Machine features machine mounted into a polypropylene bath designed for use with sodium chloride solutions. The heavy-gauge, enamel-finish steel cabinet is fully-insulated and the sealed space between the inner and outer walls protects the low-thermal conductivity properties of the foam and fiberglass combination (tested and proven to have the best K factor). High-capacity pump assures positive circulation in bath to give close temperature control. Different direction flow regulation is handled with flow cut-off valves that engage when equilibrium is reached. Sensitive magnetic setting transistorized electronic relay control panel for heat and refrigeration maintains temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 86°F (30°C) by 0.1°F (0.1°C).
ASEW-220 - Film Stripping Device:
Film Stripping Device: The Film stripping device is used to measure the resistance of bituminous mixture to stripping of the asphalt from rock particles and is generally used to evaluate the mineral aggregate. It may be used to judge the adhesive capacity of bituminous material. Stone screening for use with seal coats or open graded mixes are usually subjected to this test. The test is applied to the aggregate fraction passing the 9.5 mm sieve and retained on No. 8 sieve.

The film stripping device consists of a disc on which four bottles are mounted. The disc rotates at the rate of approximately 100 r.p.m. A time switch is provided. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, single phase, A.C. supply, The sample is kept in bottles and agitates for fifteen minutes. The % age of aggregate stripped is then estimated by visual observation.
ASEW-221 - Bench-mounting mixer for Bitumen
Bench-mounting mixer for Bitumen with heating jacket.
This mixer has two speed constant mesh gear box driven by an electric motor fully enclosed within the transmission case. The low speed drive automatically comes into action when either the high or intermediate speed is disengaged on light loads, speed changes may be made without switching off. A gear train to provided smooth gear change and also protect the transmission mechanism. Ball bearings are used throughout which, together with all gears, run in a special lubricant requiring no attention for several years. All the mechanism from the beater shaft to the motor is enclosed. Supplied complete stainless steel bowl fitted with handle, beater and hook.

Motor rating: Operation: 230 volts, single phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.

ASEW-221.1 - Spares: Heating Jacket for above mixer
ASEW-222 - Marshall stability and compaction
Marshall stability and compaction ASTM D 1559, BS 598-107.
  • 50 KN (5000 kg) capacity
  • platen rate 50.8 mm per minute
  • Safety cut-out switch for platen travel
  1. The load frame, confirming to British Standard BS 594 : 1973 and ASTM D 1559, comprises which houses a geared screw jack and motor drive mechanism, all enclosed within a rigid sheet steel frame. Automatic cut out prevents platen over run on the down ward & upward travel.
  2. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, single phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply. b. Compaction Mould comprising filling color, mould body and base plate. Manufactured from steel.
  3. Compaction pedestal comprising of a hard wood block with a steel plate. Complete with specimen holder semi-circular base and a circular top to hold the specimen mould in place during compaction of the specimen.
  4. Compaction Hammer designed for use with the compaction pedestal and mould. The hammer has a 4.5 kg weight which has a free fall of 457 mm.
  5. Breaking head assembly, complete with gauge disc and flow meter pedestal.
  6. Load transfer bar.
  7. Specimen extractor.
  8. Flow Meter (dial gauge) graduated 0.01mm x 25 mm travel.
  9. Mixing bowl fitted with handle.
  10. Mixing trowel.

ASEW-222.1 - Accessories: Marshall Mould complete with collar and base Plate Marshall Compaction Moulds are available in EN and ASTM versions. The moulds are used for the production of Marshall specimens with automatic or hand compactors, and comprises base plate, mould body and collar.

ASEW-222.2 - High sensitivity Proving ring 2500 kg (25KN) capacity fitted with 0.002 mm dial gauge. Complete in a nice wooden carrying case.

ASEW-222.3 - High sensitivity Proving ring 5000 kg(50KN) capacity fitted with 0.002 mm dial gauge. Complete in a nice wooden carrying case.
ASEW-223 - MODIFIED Marshall Stability Test
MODIFIED Marshall Stability Test Apparatus 100 KN (10000kgs cap.) Platen rate 50.8 mm per minute. Safety cutout switch for platen drive.

ASEW-223.1 - High sensitivity Proving ring 5000 kg (50kN) capacity fitted with 0.002 mm dial gauge. Complete in a nice wooden carrying case.
ASEW-224 -Centrifuge Extractor, Hand operated
Centrifuge Extractor, Hand operated ASTM D 2172, AASHTO T058,T0164
This used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples.

The centrifuge extractor is a safe, portable, corrosion-resistant module which can be used both in the field and the laboratory,. It consists of a removable cast aluminium rotor bowl mounted on a vertical shaft. A filter paper disc is pressed in between the rotor bowl and cover plate by a knurled nut. The bowl assembly is enclosed is a housing mounted on a cast aluminium body. The gears operate in oil bath assembly is enclosed is a housing mounted on a cast aluminium body. The gears operate in oil bath with splash lubrication. Complete with 25 filter discs.
ASEW-225 - Centrifuge Extractor, Electrically
Centrifuge Extractor, Electrically ASTM D 2172, AASHTO T058, T0164.
The Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor is designed for determining the percentage of bitumen in asphaltic mixtures. Available in 1,500 and 3,000 gram capacities, the extractors conform to explosion-proof standards for the safety of operating personnel. Complies with ASTM D2172 (Method A).

All models feature a removable aluminum bowl assembly, which quickly lifts out of the sealed housing for efficient specimen handling. A simple, control knob adjusts bowl speed up to 3,600 rpm. The heavy, cast-aluminum bowl cover latches securely in place and features an integral solvent dispensing cup for easy pouring of the solvent into the bowl. Power is supplied by a reliable 1/8hp DC motor. Extractors are supplied complete with 25 filter discs.
ASEW-226 - Automatic Compactor with Digital
Automatic Compactor with Digital counter for Bitumen Mixes.
Fully automatic, Uniform Compaction, Automatic Blow Counter Digital, It eliminates the laborious process of manual compaction and an even degree of compaction is achieved. The drive mechanism lifts the weight of 4.5 kg and drops it through a correct height of 457 mm.

The rammer foot is removable, which facilitates prehenting. A compaction pedestal with specimen holder is fixed to the base. An automatic blow counter enables the number of blows to be preset before each test and automatically stops the machine on completion. 230 V, 50 Hz, Single phase AC

NOTE: Modified Automatic Compactor is also available.
ASEW-227 - Tar Viscometer:IS:1206,BS:2000(Part-72)
For determining the viscosity of cut back bitumen and road oil. The viscometer consists of a chrome plated copper plated copper bath, with a drain valve and a central tube to receive the test cup and to position the stirrer, and is mounted on a stand with leveling feet. Stirrer has a curved shield and is provided with an insulated handle, thermometer socket and swivel support for the valve. Supplied complete with 10 mm cup and ball valve or 4 mm cup and ball valve as per the model required. The following models are available.

Standard Tar Viscometer, Electrical Heating with Immersion Heating Elements and Dimmerstat for controlling the temperature. Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply. Complete with 10mm & 4 mm Cup and Valve