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Bitumen Testing Instrument

ASEW-228 - Flash & Fire Point Apparatus / Pensky-Martens
Flash & Fire Point Apparatus / Pensky-Martens Apparatus IS:1209, IS 1448 (Part - 21), ASTM
Flash & Fire Point Apparatus / Pensky-Martens Apparatus IS:1209, IS 1448 (Part - 21), ASTM D 93, BS:2839 For determining the flash point of fuel oils and lubricating oil, bitumen other than cutback bitumen and suspension of solids in liquid, having a flash point above 49 deg C. The oil cup is made of brass, fitted with a thermally insulated lifting handle. The cup lid, with insulated handle, is fitted with two opposite wedge cams, which engage under pillars secured to the cup flange. This feature facilitates easy removal of the lid by rotating the handle a few degrees to disengage the cams. The shutter opening mechanism is designed for smooth operation and is operated by a spring handle with a knurled knob. A flame exposure device (Gas test jet assembly) is mounted over the lid. The manually operated stirrer has flexible has a flexible shaft. The cup assembly is positioned in a cast iron air bath, fitted with a chrome plated brass top. The air bath is mounted on an upright which serves as a gas manifold. Valve controlled supply lines for adjustable flames are provided with pilot and test flames. An additional line with control valve supplies gas for use with open flash clip, in accordance with IS:1448 (P:66), IS:1209, A ring support is provided for the lid when not in use. Electrical heating, with gas test jet and electric heater with energy regulator. 220V, 50 Hz, single Phase, AC

ASEW-228B - Flash & Fire Point Apparatus Open type
Electrical heating, with gas test jet and electric heater with energy regulator. 220V, 50 Hz, single Phase, AC
ASEW-229 - Core Cutting/Drilling Machine
Core Cutting/Drilling Machine Diesel/Petrol Engine (Greaves Ltd./Briggs & Stratton ) operated powered road building drill has been designed specifically for the purpose of drilling test cores from holes in Roads, Airport Runways, Bridges etc. The Machine comprises of two vertical support columns, which carry the drill head/ engine assembly accurately with the help of screwed spindle. The diesel/petrol Engine with pulley mechanism works with minimum vibrations. The double precision bit advances with screwed spindle, which provides a constant, accurate drill pressure, minimum core chipping & long bit life. The complete assembly is supplied on a rigid metal base with leveling facility and is suitable for vertically down coring applications only. For Asphalt pavement/Concrete Road. Engine driven - Air cooled. Cut upto 150 mm dia specimen with impregnated diamond core bit, Extension core barrel and adaptor. Water tank also supplied with machine & spray arrangement for cooling the diamond bit. Fitted with scooter tyres for easy in transporting & toe system. Water Tank also included.

ASEW-229B - Core Cutting/Drilling Machine Engine Driven
compact model easy for transportation. Suitable for 150 mm dia. X 450 mm depth Core sample

ASEW-229.1 - Diamond Core Bit 100 mm dia. x 100 mm long
ASEW-229.2 - Diamond Core Bit 150 mm dia. X 150 mm long
ASEW-229.3 - Diamond Core Bit 100 mm dia. X 450 mm long
ASEW-229.4 - Diamond Core Bit 150 mm dia. X 450 mm long
ASEW-229.5 - Diamond Core Bit 75 mm dia. X 450 mm long
ASEW-229.6 - Diamond Core Bit 50 mm dia. X 450 mm long
ASEW-230 - Saybolt Viscometer : ASTMD 88,
Saybolt Viscometer : ASTMD 88, D 244 AASHTO T 72.
Electrically Heated for the empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures between 70deg. F and 210 deg F. This is also used for determining the Saybolt Furol viscosity of bituminous materials at temperatures of 250, 275, 300, 350, 400 and 450 deg F. It comprises one each of Cylindrical Oil Cup, Universal TIP, Furol Tip, Bath fitted with immersion heater mounted on a stand, Dimmerstat for temperature control, stirrer with shield, Complete with insulated handle and thermometer support, receiving flask, withdrawal tube, tube, filter funnel, thermometer support for cup and circular spirit level. Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz. Single Phase AC.
ASEW-231 - Flow Cup Viscometer No. 4.
Simple flow cup of the efflux type is used for approximate measurements of apparent viscosity for control of consistency during manufacture and use of paints, lacquers and viscous products. Flow cup with protective skirt are made from gun metal with stainless steel orifice and are equivalent to Type B cups. Each cup is supplied complete with a stand having leveling screws.
ASEW-232 - Benkelman Beam Apparatus,
Benkelman Beam Apparatus, AASHTO T 256 & IRC.
It utilizes the technique of using balanced beam in conjunction with a suitable vehicle to measure road flexure.

The improved Benkelman Beam is a convenient, accurate device for measuring the deflection of flexible pavements under moving wheel loads. Operating on a simple lever arm principle, the unit consists of a Reference Beam, Body, two part Probe Beam and Rear Zero adjust. It is light weight made of aluminium .
ASEW-233 - Straight Edge as per IRC
Straight Edge is approximately 3 Meter in length may be used to determine lateral surface regularly of a road surface. This apparatus is equally supported at both ends producing a set height between the road surface and the beam. Any vertical irregularity is measured using incremented wedges. Measuring wedge is also supplied with the apparatus.
ASEW-234 - Camber Template as per IRC
ASEW-235 - Small laboratory Jaw Crusher
The 'ASEW' laboratory crusher is designed to speed up the crushing of aggregates, ores, minerals, coal, coke, chemicals and other similar materials. It is compact and of rugged construction for general laboratory or small pilot plant operation.

Two jaws of manganese steel are provided in the jaw crusher. The moveable jaw produces two blows for every revolution. Thus reducing over sizing to a minimum. A combination of forward and downward stroked with a rocking action exerts pressure on the coarser material, yet permits the finished material to pass through the jaws. A hopper is provided at the top for feeding materials. The smooth jaws ensure a uniform product and easy cleaning is possible.
  • Jaw size: 100 x 150 mm
  • Max. size of feed: 50 mm (approx)
  • Product discharge size: 5 mm to 15 mm.
  • Capacity: 100 to 200 kg.

(based on material)
  • Operation on: 440V, 3 ph. 50 Hz. A.C. Complete with a 3 H.P. motor, a starter, 'V' belt pulley drive and mounting.

ASEW-235A -
  • Jaw Crusher : Medium Similar to ASEW - 235,
  • But Jaw size: 150 x 200 mm
  • Max. size of feed: 100 mm (approx)
  • Product discharge size: 5 mm to 20 mm.
  • Capacity: 250 to 400 kg.

based on material)
  • Operation on: 440V, 3 ph. 50 Hz. A.C.

ASEW-235.1 -
  • Pair of Jaw 100 mm x 150 mm
  • Pair of Jaw 150 mm x 200 mm
ASEW-236 - Slake durability Apparatus
The Slake Durability Apparatus is used to determine the durability of rocks and the probable amount of deterioration of weak rocks, over a period of time, after simulated exposure to nature's continual wetting and drying cycles. The apparatus consists of a base-mounted motor drive unit with two mesh drums and two water tanks with quick-release drive assemblies. The drums rotate at a speed of 20 revolutions per minute. Options include two extra drums and tanks for running up to four tests simultaneously. Conforms to ASTM D4644 standard.
ASEW-237 - The 'ASEW' laboratory Pulverizer
The 'ASEW' laboratory Pulverizer is a disc grinder, designed to grind virtually any material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. The Pulverizer is useful for assaying, mining and for metallurgical, quarrying, aggregate processing, chemical, geological and industrial laboratories. It is a self-contained grinder, with a rotary disc, having a planetary movement in a vertical plane. This feature gives added life to the moving parts and produces a sample of uniform fineness Grinding is done between two discs-one stationary and the other revolving eccentrically at high speed. The discs are made from heat treated mechanite metal. With the help of a convenient hand wheel, the size of the final product can be adjusted. This can be done, even while the machine is in operation. A self locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in place and affords easy and quick access to it, for removal of ground samples and for cleaning. The Pulverizer is supplied a 3 H.P. motor, a starter, a 'V' belt pulley drive and mounting.
  • Disc diameter: 175 mm
  • Maximum feed size: 8 mm (approx..)
  • Size of finished product: 100 mesh to 150 mesh.

ASEW-237.1 - Spares: Discs - Stationary & revolving
ASEW-238 - Ball Mill: 300 mm x 300 mm.
Consists of a drum made of welded steel having an inside diameter of 300 mm x 300mm long, supported on heavy duty ball bearings. All air and water tight cover is provided to close the 100 mm wide opening along the entire length of the drum. A reduction gear driven by a motor rotates the Ball mill at 28-30 RPM. Supplied complete with twelve 19 mm diameter hardened steel balls and an automatic revolution counter. One tray also provided for collecting the sample. Operation on : 220 V, single ph., 50 Hz., A.C. supply.
ASEW-239.1 - Set of twelve steel balls as specified.
ASEW-239.2 - Receiver tray